The Chambers of Commerce Group insurance Plan is designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses, offering comprehensive coverage at competitive prices. With the Chambers Plan, you can focus in on coverage that's right for you, making it easy for you to create a plan that works for your company.
These outstanding features really set the Chambers Plan apart:
  • Pooled benefts stabilize your firm's rates at renewal
  • Coverage us guaranteed renewable
  • You or employees cna call our Service Centre toll-free for answers
  • You get an easy-to-use administration guide and can manage your group online, if you choose.
  • Health and dental payments are typically on their way to you less than 48 hours after we recieve the claim
And many more!
For more information, call (905)-750-0032 (Ext 222 or 223) or email to or for a free quote today! or visit

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